Clash Royale Emote Tier List 2022

Clash Royale is a free-to-play multiplayer online arena battle royal genre type video game from 2016. The game was developed and published by Supercell, which also gave the world another hit ‘Clash of Clans’. It is a real-time strategy video game. The developers designed the game for platforms like Android and iOS. The game is an elemental combination of collectible card games and tower defenses. The peeps out there went crazy for Clash Royale. The game earned a revenue of $1 billion in just a year in the gaming market. The game offers a 1v1 and a 2v2 battle royale mode. Players in Clash Royale are ranked based on their collection of trophies.

Talking more about the game, let’s about what else it features and what’s in hype these days for the game? Players these days are talking about the emotes in Clash Royale a lot these days. In a way, emotes are emojis, which would help the players to communicate with each other whilst in the gameplay or say a battle. The game has plenty of emotes in the game, namely a King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Goblin, etc that players use to express different emotions during the battle. The game offers a different number of Legendary and Exclusive emotes. Legendary emotes are available for about the whole year but the exclusive ones are available from time to time on different occasions like events or festivals. The exclusive ones are available only for a limited time.

Many peeps out there are looking for a suitable Emote Tier list that would help them get their hands on the exclusive emojis too with the limited ones. But they are continuously facing failures in doing so. But there is no need for anyone to worry anymore as we here have compiled a systematic tier list for all the new legendary and exclusive emotes ranging from the best ones to the worst ones. So without wasting anyone’s time, let’s get started with the Emotes Tier list for Clash Royale. Here we go-

Clash Royale Emote Tier List (Ranked)

clash royale emote tier list

We here will present you a ranked tier list of all the new legendary and exclusive emotes. They are ranked into different tiers according to their use namely the S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, C-Tier, and D-Tier. So let’s start mentioning all the new emotes as per the list mentioned above. Let’s get going-


  • Scream Hog
  • Fine Goblin
  • Pancake Mini Pekka
  • Dance Mini Pekka


  • Dab Wizard
  • Coins Hoggy
  • Crying Skeleton
  • Champion Trophy Goblin
  • Scream Hoggy
  • Surrender goblin
  • Yawn Princess
  • Scream Bandit
  • Crying King
  • Santa Ice Spirit
  • Muscle Princess
  • Trophy Goblin


  • Laughing Goblin
  • Noodles Hoggy
  • Thumbs Up Princess
  • Peace Princess
  • Kiss Hog
  • Shocked Ewiz
  • Deal With It Goblin
  • Facepalm Goblin
  • Grass Ram
  • third Anniversary goblin
  • Cake Rascal
  • Nail Biter Goblin
  • Angry King
  • Kiss Princess
  • Cake Giant
  • Laugh Ewiz
  • Angry Princess
  • Pick Barbarian
  • Happy Goblin
  • Butterfly Pekka
  • Rocket Hoggy
  • Excited Musketeer
  • Eating Giant
  • Spatula Mini Pekka
  • Gem Royal Ghost
  • Eye Twitch Goblin
  • Whistling Princess
  • Thumbs Up Ewiz
  • Idea Skeleton
  • Angry Giant
  • Goblin Cage Escape
  • Roar Barbarian
  • Anticipation Goblin
  • Crying Log
  • Cheer Knight
  • Sleep Hoggy
  • Lion dance Hoggy
  • Laugh Barbarian
  • Thumbs Up King
  • Shrug Wizard
  • Goblin Cage Muscle
  • Idea Ewiz
  • Mirror Prince
  • Hammer Hog
  • Thumbs Up Goblin
  • Error Mini Pekka


  • Kiss Goblin
  • Happy Hoggy
  • Bola ram Rider
  • Helmet Hoggy
  • Santa Ice Wizard
  • Thumbs Up Giant
  • Sword Mini Pekka
  • Bored Valkyrie
  • Tongue Goblin
  • Muscle Goblin
  • Finger CRL
  • Arrow Dark Prince
  • Eastern Bunny Hoggy
  • Darkness Wizard
  • Mustache Prince
  • Kiss Log
  • Grin Princess
  • Eastern Egg Dragon
  • Musket musketeer
  • Love Skeleton
  • Happy Baby Dragon


  • Sword Barbarian
  • Head Skeleton
  • Happy Minion
  • Flame Wizard
  • Fuse Bomber
  • Blink Inferno Tower

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Guys, that’s all you need to know about ‘Clash Royale’. Though if any of you feels like we have missed out on some information or have misguided any of you at some point, please feel free to contact us at any point, and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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