Clusterduck Walkthrough To Beginner’s Guide

Clusterduck is a game about players hatching as many ducks as possible for them. It is a scientific game based on genetics as it involves the mutation of ducks. As you hatch more and more ducks of each generation, the chances of things going wrong increase. Your sole aim is to breed weird ducks and watch them mutate into new odd creatures. The game was published by PikPok and was suitable only for the Android platform. The game received an audience rating of ‘4.1’ stars.

Moving further, many players have just begun playing Clusterduck and are not familiar with the objectives, tactics, and many other things to it. So to help you peeps with that, we here will help you with a complete walkthrough to Clusterduck’s beginner’s guide where we will intimidate you with things you need to know about the game and how you can get your hands on legendary ducks and other rewards. So let’s get started,  without any further ado-

Beginner’s Guide: Clusterduck

Hatch Eggs Faster By Watching More Ads

Initially, three ducks hatch and produce more ducks. There are many types of ducks, including legendary, unusual, and exotic. Rare eggs take longer to hatch than normal eggs.
At such times, you can see ads that hatch eggs to get rare ducks. It can later be bred on the Cluster Duck and used to obtain rare ducks.

Dump All The Unwanted Ducks

At Clusterduck, there is only space for 25 ducks in the yard. So if you want to get the best and rarest exotic ducks and get the maximum number of points, you need to drop two ducks to get the required number. Throw useless, unwanted, common ducks into the ducks’ holes to keep them in top shape in the yard.

Collect All The Ducks Parts

Ducks have various parts of the duck, such as the head, arms, tail, and feathers, that hatch eggs infrequently. Try collecting all the duck parts as they will be useful later in the game. All the duck parts you’ve collected so far can be checked out to the duck in the game.

Either Hold More Ducks Or Hatch More Ducks

Normally, the limit per yard is 25 at a time, but you can increase the number of ducks per yard if you purchase in-game. Buy a place that will help you hatch more eggs and keep more ducks by paying real money to level up faster in the game.

Guys, that’s all you need to know about  ‘Clusterduck’. Though, if anyone feels like we have missed out on some information or have misguided any of you at some point, please feel free to contact us, and we will make sure to reach out to you as soon as possible.

Till then, greetings from Gamexradar.

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