Mobile Legends Hero Tier List 2022

Mobile Legends just completed their season 21 and now we have to look forward to its new season i.e. 22. This game got support from many players worldwide and its craze remains the same among gamers. In this article, you will find out the Mobile Legends Hero Tier List that will help you a lot. Let’s check it out and stick to this article till its end and know everything about it.

Some of the best heroes in Mobile Legends Season 22

Here I am providing information about some of the mega heroes in the mobile legend game of season 22. Through these heroes, you will get a higher rank in the game. So let’s begin the journey to grab the information about the best heroes in the Mobile Legends game for season 22.


Granger has always been regarded as a skilled marksman. Its devastating base attack damage, together with a passive ability that allows it to deliver critical damage every sixth base strike and a speed mobility ability, make it a nightmare to deal with. He is one of the only shooting heroes with a powerful early game that can cut through foes even without objects. A competent farmer can deflect strikes and use his mobility abilities to avoid taking damage while still inflicting significant damage.


Natan was given the moniker OneShot Prince. When he summons his clones, his outburst is crazy, and his stacks also attack his speed and mobility. Natan can easily take out foes without hurting himself if he had a thorough tank wash. Even if his passive has dwindled, he remains one of the most broken archer heroes in the game.


Despite the creator’s best efforts to nerf Paquito, he has preserved and remains one of the most dangerous warriors. Paquito has excellent blast, mobility, and CC potential. Without even a decent response, he can simply smash his opponents on his own. Paquito is a dangerous offlaner who will hit you over and over again because he has no mana. It is restricted in almost all rated games, and if it is not, it will undoubtedly be chosen first.

X. Borg

With the addition of War Axe to the game, X. Borg became a nightmare to play. He transforms into a lethal killing machine by burning his victims alive while having a second bonus health bar in the form of fiagra armor that regenerates when he deals damage. Despite the fact that his Skill 1’s slow effect has been reduced, X Borg remains one of the most frightening heroes with solo carry potential.


It’s similar to a team’s ash defense. any sprint or blink ability resets cooldowns, and its ultimate teleportation teleports it to players who connect with their adversaries and send them to their deaths. This is a capable winger who is a must-have in team battles. His CC abilities, combined with his high explosive damage, make him a formidable foe. It also defeats almost any hero with a stroke or blink ability and makes opponents think twice about choosing heroes with Stroke abilities.


This small dwarf, together with his dinosaur companion Detona, is not to be trifled with. He shines when he plays as a hyper or offlaner. When playing Barats, players should attempt to keep their stacks as high as possible, as this enhances their defense and stamina. Barats is a type of hero you can’t miss because he keeps sinking while providing quality damage and has the ability to target an enemy by consuming it and flinging it at his teammates.


Since the beginning of the meta, Benedetta has always been present. Her incredible mobility, along with a powerful CC immune second ability sprint, makes her an instant hero. Most players will be shocked by her running ability, as she can quickly infiltrate the enemy rear and inflict havoc while being safe to disconnect. One of the reasons it is so popular in professional leagues is because of this.


Lance was completely redesigned in Phase 3 of Project Next. Its 1-jab ability has been greatly enhanced, making this not only simpler to play but also far more lethal. Lance was already in the hands of a strong player before then, but with the reworking of his initial skill, any beginner can play him extremely successfully, as the Lance Mains annihilate whole teams and seal their victories.

Luo Yi

When the Yin-Yang markers are activated, the crazy eruption emerging from Luo Yi’s passive duality effortlessly leads them to the objective. Early on, you’ll be able to easily master the game, and you’ll be able to make your crew work harder. For opponents, your presence in team engagements is a nightmare. His passive mob not only has the ability to influence foes, but it also does strong explosive damage and shields them. Luo Yi’s Transfer Ultimate may be utilized on both attack and defense to teleport not only yourself but your whole team.


Since her dismissal, Mathilda has shown to be one of the most capable defenders. As a roamer, she allows his squad to move around freely. In the midst of battle, her Skill 2 may transport your comrades with you, as well as serve it as a gateway. Mathilda’s capacity to defend and heal teammates, as well as her ultimate power to detect an opponent, makes her one of the most popular heroes to pick or ban. She is still one of the game’s finest fans/tramps, despite nerfing and buffing all other patches to compensate.

I hope you are satisfied with this information about heroes and their powers which will help you a lot to rank up yourself in the Mobile Legends game. If you got satisfied with these then you have to take a look at the Hero list of Mobile Legends for 2022 this will also help you a lot to push up your ranking.

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