Nexomon Extinction: Beginners Guide And Tips 2022

Nexomon Extinction is a return to classic monster-catching games. Developed by Vewo Interactive Inc. and a part of the Nexomon franchise, Nexomon Extinction comes up with a brand new story, uncommon characters, and over 380 new Nexomons to capture, domesticate, and evolve. This game was released last year on 28th August 2020 and was suitable for platforms like Playstation 4, Xbox 1, and Nintendo Switch previously but was released for IOS and Android devices afterward.

So basically, Nexomon Extinction is a role-playing genre game where the story takes the player to the world which is on the edge of extinction, as mighty Tyrant Nexomon is fighting for dominion over humans and monsters. You’d be familiar with this game if you, yourself are a Pokémon fan, cause it has a similar concept of catching those 380 Nexomons with Nexotraps.

Now, we know that some of you are new here, looking for content that can help you solve your doubts or resolve your issues regarding Nexomon Extinction. There is no need for you guys to worry about that from now, as we are here with our beginner’s guides to solve your issues and doubts. So let’s get started.

nexomon beginner guide

Here are some beginner tips and guides for Nexomon Extinction, in case you’re new to the game.

Nexomon Extinction: Beginner’s Guide

The story events of Nexomon: Extinction is interlinked with the original franchise Nexomon, as the game starts with a war going on between Nexomons and humans. This fight ends with the help of “Tamers,” people who capture and battle alongside the Nexomon, just like Pokémon trainers. Even though peace was brought somehow in the end, people still thought that how long is it going to be this silent. The main character is an orphan and you, as a player will get to choose what skin you would like to get your character in during the selection part and after that, you’ll get to begin your journey of becoming a Tamer. There are plenty of options and styles to choose from and are for free, which is a big change from the previous Nexomon game. Now, let’s start with the beginner’s guide.

Choosing A Starter Nexomon-

As soon as the story begins, you’ll be dragged to a path where you are expected to choose a Nexomon from a mysterious character. There are a total of 9 starters, where you can pick a Nexomon from, and every one of them belongs to the game’s different types.

It does not display the stats of the Nexomon while choosing, only the picture and its type, so referring to this guide would make your life simpler. Here’s the list of all the starters:

  • Ninja: Normal Type Nexomon. He loves Lemon Pie, Green Pear, and Egg Tart. Ninja evolves into Dichala at level 15 and Namansi at level 32.
  • Lume: Fire Type Nexomon. He loves Donut, Lacreme, and Lemon Pie. Lume evolves into Lumefur at level 16 and Lumerei at level 34.
  • Noki: Water Type Nexomon. He loves Sausage, Grape, and Watermelon. Noki evolves into Vainok at level 17 and Hainok at level 36.
  • Mara: Plant Type Nexomon. He loves Chocolate cake, donuts, and Lacreme. Mara evolves into Marasuma at level 15 and Raksuma at level 32.
  • Trebly: Mineral Type Nexomon. He loves Chocolate cake, donuts, and Lacreme. Trebly evolves into Treclay at level 12 and Tresaur at level 29.
  • Learn Wind Type Nexomon. He loves Cream Puff, Flan, and Pandulce. Learn evolves into Felarnia at level 17 and Yarnesty at level 36.
  • Gekko: Electric Type Nexomon. He loves Watermelon, Chocolate cake, and Donut. Gekko evolves into Kamelovo at level 15 and Reptomotor at level 32.
  • Mosquito: Psychic Type Nexomon. He has no favorite foods. Mosquito evolves into Masqat at level 16 and Feliblanqo at level 34.
  • Belinda: Ghost Type Nexomon. He loves Lacreme, Lemon Pie, and Egg tart. Belinda evolves into Heddeca at level 17 and Noocidal at level 36.

Nexomon Types and Effectiveness-

Nexomon Extinction consists of 9 different types as per an elemental chart- Normal, Fire, Water, Plant, Mineral, Wind, Electric, Psychic, and Ghost Type. Here are some guides to make it easier for you players to battle in Nexomon Extinction including their effectiveness:

  • Normal:
    • Strengths- No Strengths
    • Weakness- Psychic, Ghost
  • Fire:
    • Strengths- Wind, Plant, Ghost
    • Weakness- Water, Mineral
  • Water:
    • Strengths- Fire, Mineral
    • Weakness- Plant, Electric
  • Plant:
    • Strengths- Electric, Water
    • Weakness- Wind, Fire
  • Mineral:
    • Strengths- Electric, Psychic, Fire
    • Weakness- Wind, Water
  • Wind:
    • Strengths- Mineral, Grass
    • Weakness- Electric, Fire
  • Electric:
    • Strengths- Water, Psychic, Wind
    • Weakness- Mineral, Grass
  • Psychic:
    • Strengths- Normal, Ghost
    • Weakness- Mineral, Electric
  • Ghost:
    • Strengths- Normal, Wind
    • Weakness- Psychic, Fire

Nexomon Battles and Catching Nexomons:

This feature in Nexomon Extinction is just as similar to the Pokémon game but is added with some new features. When you are in a battle in the game, you can either battle against other tamers standing as NPC’s who are waiting for you to cross a sight, so that you can battle them. There is one similarity in the battle format of Nexomon Extinction as of with Pokémon cause we can pick only 6 Nexomons that we can use in our party. Each of those nexomons does have 4 moves, but Nexomon Extinction uses strength score instead of power points as Pokémon.

Once the stamina ends, you can’t use any of your moves and it drains depending on how strong your move is, so use it wisely.  It is to be noted that stamina doesn’t replenish outside of battles so you need to carry items such as ether for a quick fix. If you want to replenish your strength, it depends on the platform you are playing the game on.

Items in Nexomon:

Now we cannot list every single item that is present in the game since there are way too many. But there are categories of each item and we will list down what they are:

  • Charms – These help you to increase your catch rates or HP. There are only 3 in this category: Cosmic charm which helps increase the chances of you finding a cosmic Nexomon by 50, Healthy Charms which restores 3% of your team’s HP, and Workout Charm which helps restore 3% of your team’s Stamina.
  • Foods – These are various kinds of food that you can make to increase your catch rate for catching a particular Nexomon.
  • Cores – These help you boost a specific stat of a Nexomon. There are different kinds like ATK, Exp, etc.
  • Restoration – As the name suggests, they help you restore your HP and stamina and also cure your Nexomon of any kind of health status.
  • Shards – These are the items you can mine with the help of a pickaxe and can be used to craft or earn coins by selling.
  • Pets – Pets aren’t items but a very cute companion to follow along your journey.
  • Nexotraps – There are various kinds of Nexotraps with different buffs to each of them. For example, Fire Nexotrap is specially designed to capture Fire Type Nexomons.

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