Pokemon Go Little Jungle Cup Best Team Formation

Have you also been wondering about which Pokemons would be best for your Little Jungle Cup Team in Pokemon Go? So, let’s put an end to this together, by helping you guys out with the Best Team Formation Guide. Let’s get moving-

Talking about Pokemon Go, the game is an add-to-reality mobile game from 2016 and is also an addition to the pokemon series. Moving on, as we all know that since Season 9th, Little Jungle Cup has been on the Pokemon Go List and we are gonna discuss it today too.

Many of you players might know a little about it. LJC is a format, which was introduced in the game in Season 9th, with the purpose for the trainers to test their skills. This year, Little Jungle Cup is back in the game, and the competition is a bit high this time. What makes the competition difficult this time is that players won’t have the ability to use pokemons which range over 500 CP. Because of this many players have been confused between which pokemons would be ideal for their team, which is why we here will be letting you guys know about the pokemon that’d be suitable for your team and are also under 500 CP. So, let’s begin:

Which Pokemons To Choose For Your Little Jungle Cup Team?

Little Jungle Cup

Here is a list of all the Pokemon you need to know about, that will help you form the Best Little Jungle Cup Team, and are also ranged under 500 CP-


  • Fast Move: Charm
  • Charged Moves: Grass Knot and Seed Bomb
  • Resistances: Water, Grass, Fighting, Electric, Ground, Dark, and Dragon
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Poison, Steel, Flying, and Ice

One of the biggest problems anyone in the game will face is facing Cottonee. The unique combination of Grass and Fairy makes even more wild in the field.


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  • Fast Move: Charm
  • Charged Moves: Ice Beam and Play Rough
  • Resistances: Dragon, Bug, Dark, and Ghost
  • Weaknesses: Steel and Poison

Wigglytuff is not the one to diss. Another advantage of using small Wiggly here is that it’s pretty easy to gain on the field when CP is this low.

Galarian Stunfisk

pokemon go galar header 1
  • Fast Move: Mud Shot
  • Charged Moves: Rock Slide and Earthquake
  • Resistances: Poison, Rock, Electric, Fairy, Flying, Bug, Steel, Normal, Psychic, and Dragon
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Water, Ground, and Fighting

Galarian Stunfisk is a great addition to your team, if you can find a Stunfisk under 500 CP you will be crowned the winner. It’s powerful mud kick wipes the board and his aggressive moves kept the rest flying. What it lacks in kindness it makes up for in pure strength.


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  • Fast Move: Wing Attack
  • Charged Move: Bubble Beam and Brave Bird
  • Resistances: Ground, Steel, Fire, Bug, Water, and Fighting
  • Weaknesses: Electric and Rock

Being a water/flying dual type, Ducklett is capable of defeating Cottonee in a flash. As a strong pokemon in the field, Ducklett has very few easy-to-know weaknesses. However, that doesn’t make it unbeatable. With Stunfisk and Wigglytuff flashing, watch out for your opposing team.


  • Fast Move: Dragon Breath, Peck
  • Charged Move: Sky Attack, Moonblast, Dragon Pulse, Dazzling Gleam
  • Resistances: Ground, Grass, Water, Fire, Fighting and Bug
  • Weaknesses: Rock, Fairy, Dragon and Ice

And, here comes Altaria. A dragon/flying-type pokemon, you can’t go wrong with either of its quick moves. Currently, it is second in the Little Jungle Cup rankings. Altaria is a threat on the field, although it may look like a calm and lovable pokemon.

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