Project Makeover: A Guide For Beginners 2022

Project Makeover is a match-3 puzzle game for platforms like Android and iOS devices. Gameplay includes clothing, furniture, and other style items that players choose from funds earned by playing matching games. With the help of the style team, various characters are being changed in parts of the app that are tagged as episodes, and sometimes it seems that the pretentious fashion icon Greta is causing trouble. This game was developed and published by Magic Tavern. As a player, you can help people realize their desperately needing makeover dreams. The only goal of this game is to earn points in the matching game to change your customers’ lives and make them happy. Continuing, many of you who are playing this game today are newbies who are not familiar with the game and ask a lot of questions about it. So here are some guides and tips and tricks that will help. You don’t have to worry because we are here to support you. You will be intimidated by the fact that you can maximize your point earning rate in a short period. So let’s begin with the further process:

Project Makeover Beginner’s Guide

project makeover beginner guide

You must first earn points by playing to unlock all new categories and areas in Project Makeover. The points you earn can be used to upgrade clothes, furniture, wardrobe, makeup, and more, so you need to earn as many points as possible in each game. You will have an advantage over other players as the updated numbers will help. Attract many new customers that will help your gaming profile. So you need to earn points because you need them.

Second, you need to bring as many boosters as possible. Because these boosters directly help you get the maximum score and better affect your level of play. If there are more than 4 identical items in the game balance, they need to be put together to help you get an Amplifier, which can destroy the surrounding field for maximum score at once. This trick will be useful for your game profile.

Third, you need to make sure your account is full of life. This is because in Project Makeover it takes about 20 minutes to fill a life meter that the player doesn’t want. So, you can ask your in-game friend to send you free lives, or you can exchange diamonds to buy them in the game store. Because if you want to play the game without any special restrictions, you have to live on the life counter. unrest.

Fourth, you need to remember that you will be collecting bonuses every day. Because it’s easier to earn points through daily bonuses than spending real money. This is not a good option. This is also an advantage as many players are just looking for redemption code giveaways from multiple events. You can participate in multiple events and earn more points. To commemorate its 1st anniversary, Project Makeover has recently launched an event for its new season pass, Anniversary Adventure, which will end on November 29, 2021. Therefore, you can participate in this event and collect points.

Fifth, you must log in to your game every day to collect free diamonds or during the game start time you must log in to your game account with Facebook or Gmail. Both will be flexible for you to collect free diamonds.

So, guys, that’s all about the guides and tips n tricks regarding Project Makeover which you needed to know. Though if you feel like we have missed providing some information or you feel like we’ve been wrong somewhere, please feel free to contact us through our comments section and we’ll reach you out ASAP.

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