Borderlands 3 Guide To Maurice’s Black Market Location

Borderlands 3 is the continuation as a third part of the Borderland series. It is an action role-playing first-person shooter genre game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2k Games from the 20th-century game world. The game offers a single-player and multiplayer battle mode to its players. The developers designed the game for several platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series A, mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and Google stadia which made it pretty much available for everyone. Players have to complete the assigned quests in the gaming modes as one of the four classes.

Talking further about Borderlands 3, the developers recently dropped out some updates regarding Maurice’s Black Market. Updates say that the market avails top-tier legendary loot which is not that easy to get hands-on anywhere in the game. Recently a vending machine was added to the game’s list with its free update. But, as we know that it is never that easy to achieve something than it sounds. The same is with this loot. The location of Maurice’s Market keeps on changing every week. It never remains the same. So, if you want to get your hands on the legendary loot, you have to find it out from the entire map in a week. Otherwise, it will change again. Black markets can appear anywhere in the universe, but they do not appear on any DLC map. Therefore, if you only own the base game, you can continue to enjoy it. So let’s get started with where is the black market situated this week and some other stuff.

Maurice’s Black Market Location For This Week!

This week, Maurice’s Black Market in Borderlands 3 is hidden in the Atlas HQ on the Planet Promethea. Here are some further updates regarding the Black Market given as follows –

  • Planet: Promethea
  • Area: Atlas HQ
  • Available: From Dec 9 to Dec 16, 2021

To get to the Black Market, you need to fast travel to the Atlas HQ on Planet Promethea. There you’ll find the vending machine to the ratches in the corridor. So let’s talk about what you’ll get when you get to the location.

Price You’ll Get Your Hands-On In The Black Market!

Maurice’s Black Market machines change location every week, but they also change the loot pool. Gearbox Software creates its loot pool worth including, especially for the black market. You can put whatever you like in the machine. There can be multiple versions of equipment items in the black market. That way, you can easily get the item that suits your needs without having to go to Crazy Earl to roll the anointing again.

This week’s items you will get your hands on are as follows-

  • Free Radical
  • Ogre
  • Brainstormer

Some of you also want to get intimidated all about Maurice’s Black Market prices, since the week it began. So let’s talk it out-

All About Black Market’s Top-Tier Loot

Week Location Loot
Week 1 Ambermire Breath of the Dying, Kyb’s Worth, Double-Penetrating Redline
Week 2 Ascension Bluff Kaos, Hex, Lyuda
Week 3 Lectra City Faisor, Bitch, Bangarang
Week 4 Tazendeer Ruins Trevonator, Krakatoa, Black Hole
Week 5 Carnivora Conference Call, Flood, Sickle
Week 6 The Anvil Night Hawkin, AutoAimé, Hellshock
Week 7 Skywell-27 Laser-Sploder, Mutant, Flakker
Week 8 Konrad’s Hold Lightshow, Recursion, Nemesis
Week 9 The Pyre of Stars Crossbow, Garcia, Plus Ultra
Week 10 The Droughts Cutsman, Madcap, King’s Call, Queen’s Call
Week 11 Atlas HQ Free Radical, Ogre, Brainstormer
Week 12 Blackbarrel Cellars Nagata, Lucian’s Call, AAA
Week 13 Voracious Canopy Carrier, Hornet, Infinity
Week 14 Desolation’s Edge Face-puncher, Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair, Sawbar
Week 15 Meridian Outskirts Scourge, Maggie, Impaler
Week 16 Devil’s Razor Crossroad, Shredifier, Rowan’s Call
Week 17 Cathedral of the Twin Gods Predatory Lending, Tankman’s Shield, The Butcher
Week 18 Athenas Flood, Tiggs Boom, Ripper
Week 19 Jakobs Estate Headsplosion, Frozen Heart, Magnificent
Week 20 Meridian Metroplex DNA, Fastball, Bearcat
Week 21 Splinterlands Monocle, The Lob, Oldridian
Week 22 Floodmoor Basin Hellfire, Lead Sprinkler, Messy Breakup
Week 23 Neon Arterial Kings Call, Queens Call, Handsome Jackhammer, Sledge’s Shotgun
Week 24 Lectra City ASMD, Barrage, Moonfire
Week 25 Ascension Bluff Damned, Smart Gun XXL, Reflux
Week 26 The Pyre of Stars The Tidal Wave, Ruby’s Wrath, The Horizon
Week 27 Ambermire Warlord, Surge, Mongol
Week 28 Konrad’s Hold Woodblocker, Julliet’s Dazzle, Plaguebearer
Week 29 The Droughts Kaoson, Firestorm, Storm, The Dictator
Week 30 Jakobs Estate Creeping Death, Hellwalker, Firestorm
Week 31 The Anvil Sandhawk, Embrace the Pain, Red Queen
Week 32 Skywell-27 Redistributor, Hyperfocus XZ41, The Duc
Week 33 Jakobs Estate Bekah, Quasar, Baby Maker
Week 34 Meridian Outskirts Nagata, AAA, Lucian’s Call
Week 35 Cathedral of the Twin Gods Vanquisher, Blood-Starved Beast, Tran-fusion

And with this, we’re done!

That’s all you need to know about ‘Borderlands 3’. Though, if any of you feels like we have missed out on some information or have misguided any of you at some point, please feel free to contact us, and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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