Dragon Ball Legends Redeem Codes (April 2023)

Have you guys been looking for Dragon Ball Legends Redemption Codes? Well, here are the latest redeem codes. So let’s get started, shall we?

Dragon Ball Legends is an action role-playing gacha game adapted from the popular anime series Dragon Ball Z in 2018. The game will help you experience the Ultimate Dragon Ball on your mobile device. Players get to collect gems, coins, summon herbs, and a lot of other in-game items as they continue completing quests. But it’s not that easy to complete those quests, which is why players look around for the redeem codes dropped by the developers with their every update. These redemption codes help the players avail of all these in-game items for free, which in usual are very expensive to avail.

But due to a lack of information, players fail to find out the codes they require, or sometimes they get confused between the active and the expired redeem codes. So, here we are to play our role, as we will be helping you guys out with, which you’ve been looking for. So, here it goes-

Dragon Ball Legends Redemption Codes

Dragon Ball Legends Redeem Codes

Before moving on to the redeem codes, here are a few pointers you guys need to know about:

First of all, you need to fill in these codes the same way they are provided to you for all upper and lower case alphabets, numbers, and special characters. Second, you must redeem it as soon as you know it because these codes have an expiration date. So if you want to take advantage of them, you should redeem them, as soon as you know about them. So let’s go with the codes:

Dragon Ball Legends Active Redeem Codes:

Here is the list of all working codes:

  • longzhu888 : free gems
  • longzhu666 : free gems
  • longzhu188 : free gems
  • qhebjHH : 500 gems
  • Freepull30: 200 Gems & 2 advanced summon orbs
  • b6AyELBt: 500 Gems
  • w3cBk2QJ: S rank Piccolo
  • wayline7yz: 300 Gems
  • waylinexxk: 300 Gems
  • wayline628: 300 Gems
  • X6AyEGBv: 300 Gems
  • Resource999: 199 Gems & 9999 Coins
  • i4PNW4nV: 100 Gems & 500,000 Coins
  • qhebjHH: 500 Gems
  • B5kMAvGk: 400 Gems
  • b4PMjyud: 200 Gems
  • L5kJ69m: 20 SS Hero Shards
  • R5kKCeDw: 200 Gems & 2 Senzu Beans
  • OneIsAll: Gems & Coins

Dragon Ball Legends Expired Redeem Codes:

Currently, there is no information from the developers, regarding the expired codes. But we will update our roster, as soon as we get to know about them.

And, now that you’re all caught up with the active and expired redeem codes, we here will be informing you guys about the process to redeem them, which many of you are not familiar with. So let’s get going:

How To Redeem Codes In Dragon Ball Legends?

Here is how you can redeem codes in Dragon Ball Legends:

  • Open the game on your device.
  • Go to the player’s profile located in the top left.
  • Click on the Redeem Code option.
  • Enter one of the working codes from the list above. Make sure you type the code exactly as mentioned above. If it is different in any form, the code will not work. Even small changes like Space, Caps On/Off can make a difference.
  • Click on Exchange.
  • The rewards will now be available to you.

And you guys are all caught up with all you needed to know about the. Though if any of you feels like we have missed out on some information or have misguided any of you at some point, please feel free to contact us at any point, and we’ll be there for you as soon as possible.

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