Pokémon Unite Tier List For 2022

What’s up Gamers? Hope you’re all doing fine and are smashing your opponents out there. So let’s start as I’m gonna get you guys intimated about some information regarding the new ‘Pokémon Unite Tier list’ for 2022 which has been released . So let’s get started with some information, some facts, some tricks & some suggestions regarding the ‘Pokémon Unite Tier’ list.

Pokémon Unite Tier List

Pokémon Unite Tier List

As we know that every time Pokémon Unite releases a new tier list every month, it means that the players get obliged with both characters and objectives such as Zapdos, Drednaw, and Rotom.

This Unite Tier list has brought new pokémons with it, like Sylveon and Greed, and the meta picks, such as Lucario, Venusaur, and Blastoise have been crippled. On the other hand, weaker Pokémon such as Pikachu, Slowbro, Gengar, and Garchomp are getting polish to their kits which allows players to have differently varied options while choosing for their characters while playing competitively. Some characters, for now, are not improving in power-wise performance but overall the game is balanced currently. But, Pokémon is back with its Unite Tier List 2022 and it’s gonna surprise players by providing them with the best picks of the season.

Pokémon Unite Tier list: Best Ranked Pokémons

As we know that whenever Pokémon Unite releases its Tier patch list, it is separated into different categories and it’s been the same for this Unite Tier list too. The Tier List will be separated into 5 categories of S, A, B, C. Now, these tiers have different characteristics which are as follows:

# S Tier- These are the strongest characters in the meta-verse.

A Tier- Also the strongest characters in the meta-verse but are not a comparison for the ones in the S Tier.

# B Tier- These characters are in a steady and healthy spot.

# C Tier- These are the characters who are only applicable and healthy in certain games.

Now the players in Pokémon unite are further subcategorized into these 5 different tiers according to their level of performance which are- Allrounders, Attackers, Speedsters, Defenders, Supporters. So now I’m going to intimate you guys about which specific players come under which Tiers and which specific subcategories according to their performance level.

So firstly, talking about the S Tier (Overpowered), this tier has a total of four characters who also belong to different subcategories, which are- Alolan, Zeraora, Crustle, and Pikachu.

Now talking about the A Tier (Strong), it has nine characters belonging to different subcategories which are- Absol, Ninetales, Eldegoss, Cinderance, Garchomp, Wigglytuff, Snorlax, Talonfame, and Gengar.

Now talking about the B Tier (Good), it has six characters in different subcategories which are- Cramorant, Charizard, Greninja, Lucario, Machamp, and Slowbro.

Now talking about the C Tier (Average) has two characters, all in different subcategories which are- Mr. Mime, and Venasaur.

Let’s start on with the subcategories these characters belong to which are as follows-

Every All-Rounder In Pokémon Unite 2022



Garchomp, CharizardA

Every Speedster In Pokémon Unite 2022




Every Attacker In Pokémon Unite 2022



Alolan, PikachuS
Ninetales, CinderanceA
Greninja, VenasaurB

Every Defender In Pokémon Unite 2022




Every Supporter In Pokémon Unite 2022



Mr. MimeC

So, concluding with today’s blog all I would like to say is that Pokémon Unite, for now, is completely balanced because many of the high-ranked players are crippled.

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