Saber Simulator Codes – Free Crowns & Strength December 2022

Looking for Saber Simulator Codes, or don’t know where to look out for roblox saber simulator redeem codes? Well, your search ends here as we will be helping you guys out with this problem.

Saber Simulator is a 2019 published Roblox game developed by HD games. The game, according to its name includes multiple sabers and the idea behind that is, that you as a player have to swing your saber to gain money and buy those sabers as by as your level is increased in the game and also to get rewarded a higher multiplier and a class tag above your name. You have to complete several objectives in the game to earn the game currency. The game has mainly 4 different types of currencies which you get along with during the gameplay named coins, crowns, strength, and event currencies. You have to complete the specific objectives concerning earning these different currencies.

Now, like every other Roblox game, the developers of this game, in a consistent manner keep on dropping new updates and codes of this game.

So let’s talk about how you guys can get your hands on this new saber from the updates as we are going to get you guys to come along with the working and active Saber Simulator codes. So let’s get started-

Roblox Saber Simulator Redeem Codes

roblox saber simulator codes

Before further moving on, there are some points of information about these codes which are important to know before you redeem them. First things first, is that you have to use these codes as soon as you get to know about them because they do expire, and redeeming them right after you get to know them is the best option. The second is that you have to fill these codes in the same way as they are provided to you concerning all that capitals and small alphabets, numbers, and special characters. That’s all you need to know about the rules. Let’s begin with the next step.

Saber Simulator Working Codes

Here are all the working and active Saber Simulator Codes

  • Update100 — Collect Pet Charms (NEW)
  • PetBoost — Collect 20 Void Charms
  • VoidGG — Get 20 Void Charms
  • weekend — Grab 20,000 Crowns
  • oioi — Get Free Crowns
  • Yippee — Redeem 5,000 Crowns
  • 2020 — Grab 10,000 Crowns
  • 5000Followers — Collect 5,000 Crowns
  • Vehnix — Redeem 1,000 Crowns
  • Slayer — Get 1,000 Crowns
  • Saber — Collect 1,000 Crowns
  • Legend —  Grab 1,000 Crowns
  • ISLANDS — Redeem 1,000 Crowns
  • 100m — Get 1,000 Crowns
  • Airstudio — Grab 500 Crowns
  • MIRRAWRXD — Collect 500 Crowns
  • straw — Get 500 Crowns
  • calixo — Grab 500 Crowns
  • erick — Redeem 300 Crowns
  • GOLDEN — Collect 200 Crowns
  • prez — Redeem 200 Crowns
  • grim — Collect 50 Crowns
  • boss — Get 1,000 Coins & 200 Crowns
  • telanthric — Get 500 Coins & 50 Crowns
  • defild — Collect 500 Coins
  • melihkardes — Get 500 Coins
  • cookieclix — Redeem 500 Coins
  • cookie — Grab 500 Coins
  • gravy — Collect 500 Coins
  • JS —  Redeem 500 Coins
  • raven — Collect  500 Coins
  • razor — Grab 500 Coins
  • robzi — Get 500 Coins
  • subtoaustin — Redeem 500 Coins
  • release — Collect 150 Coins
  • mirrorrs — Grab 10,000 Strength
  • henrydev — Redeem 1,000 Strength
  • mmistaken — Get 999 Strength

Expired Saber Simulator Codes

The following codes are expired-


So, guys, we are done with the working and expired codes. But many of you are also not familiar with the redemption process to the codes, and to help you with that we have also prepared a guide for you people regarding the redemption process. So let’s get done with that too.

How To Redeem Codes In Saber Simulator?

  • Launch the game on Roblox.
  • Click on the Twitter icon.
  • Enter a working code into the text box saying ‘Enter Codes Here’.
  • Once entered, click on the ‘Redeem’ button to claim your rewards.

That’s how you guys can redeem codes in the game, just by following this simple process and you’re done.

So that’s all you need to know about ‘Saber Simulator’. If any of you feels like we have missed out on some information or have misguided you at some point, please feel free to contact us and we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible.

Till then, stay connected to Gamexradar.

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