Ultimate Hokage Duel Redeem Codes July 2022

Lacking information for Ultimate Hokage Duel Redeem Codes 2022, or are not able to find the Ultimate Hokage Duel gift codes that actively work? Well, your surfing is now at a conclusion, as you are in the right place.

Talking more about Ultimate Hokage Duel, the game is an ultimate free-to-play 3D experience. The game is currently running on its mobile version as of now, but the developers are trying to make this game available on several other platforms so that it would be flexible for more players to play this game. Also to keep the players from not getting bored, the developers consistently keep on dropping redeem codes for the game, so that the players can get their hands on some of the items such as gems, coins, and upgrade coins which would help them build a strong and better team. Also, they would not have to spend anything as these redeem codes would help them afford all this for free.

As many players out there are on their way to find the gift codes but many of them are not able to find the codes as they lack the right sources or many of you get confused between which codes are gonna provide you the complete benefit.

So, we here have compiled a list of all the working active codes for Ultimate Hokage Duel. It would be easy for you guys to redeem them and we will also be telling you guys about what those active codes would be benefiting you with. So, let’s get started up with the codes, shall we?

Ultimate Hokage Duel Gift Codes

Before jumping directly to the point where we intimidate you about all the working codes for the game, we here would like to clear some pointers before that regarding the codes.

First things first, it is required that you have to fill the codes the same way they have been provided to you with concern to all the capital and small alphabets, numbers, and special characters. The second is that you have to redeem these gift codes as soon as you get to know about them because these codes do have an expiry date.  So, if you want to take full advantage of the codes, you have to redeem them as soon as you get to know about them. So let’s get going with the codes:

Ultimate Hokage Duel Working Gift Codes

Given below are all the working codes for Ultimate Hokage Duel

Codes Rewards
16O2844500FZRedeem this code for in game rewards
22Y386N99666Redeem this code for in game rewards
16B007JG5P8X200 Red Shards
HF888200k coins and 2 Diamond Tickets
HF77750K Ninja EXP and 5 Expert Forge Stone
HF666100 Diamonds and 1 Diamond Ticket
12Y298S99566Free boosters, including Sasuke
16PX1PLW28U1Red Shards (200)

Guys, here we are sorted with all the active redeem codes. But this is not the end. Since many of you are not aware of how one can redeem these gift codes, we will be intimidating you guys with a step-by-step guide for how you can do so, and enjoy your redeem codes. So, here it goes-

How To Redeem Ultimate Hokage Duel Codes?

After getting the Ultimate Hokage Duel Codes, many gamers inquire about the code retrieving process. Thus, we will talk about it as below:

  • Launch the Ultimate Hokage Duel game
  • Over the screen’s left side, your Avatar is located.
  • Click on it. 
  • In the Settings, click on the Redeem button. 
  • Select and paste the codes from above. 
  • Hit the Claim Button.
  • Head towards the mailbox to see whether the rewards are credited or not. 

Guys, we are all done for ‘Ultimate Hokage Duel.’ Though if any of you feels like we have missed out on some information or have misguided any of you at some point, please feel free to contact us, and we will assure you of our assistance by reaching out to you as soon as possible.

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