The Walking Zombie 2 Guide: Tips, and Tricks

Like many other games in this Walking Zombie 2 game, you have to complete all the missions to win the game and will also have to unlock all the locations by reading this walking zombie 2 guide, which is given on the map of this game. You also need to earn EXP in this by interacting with other characters who are present in the area of Woodland. Later in this article, you will know about the importance of EXP.

More rewards you will have to redeem in walking zombie 2 if you want to invest in your gaming perks and skills.

The Walking Zombie 2 Guide

Importance of EXP

Gaining EXP in this zombie game will help you to increase your level in the game. And after completing every 3 levels you will gain a perk. Now, what is a perk? This is also a good question for those who want to know Walking Zombie 2 Guide, Tips, and Tricks. So later in this article, you will know about perks and the importance of them also. Because gaining perk as well as investing in skill is also an important thing.

Know about Perks and some best of it

As previously mentioned you can find that on completing every three levels you will gain a perk. So now you can understand the perks as they help you to increase your skill and become a master of the game. Here, you can check out some of the best perks.

  • Nothing perk
  • Animal perk
  • Reading
  • Berserker perk
  • Good Student
  • Scavenger
  • Skilled
  • Gain

These are some of the best perks which you will get in the game and actually, these perks help to describe your position of expertise in this game. And to gain more perks you need to focus on completing the quests in the walking zombie 2 game. In this article of Walking Zombie 2 Guide, Tips and Tricks you will know about the simple tips and tricks that will be helping you to increase the perks and skill in this game.

Tips to increase the perks

As we know that by completing the quests you will gain perks. So here, you need to focus on completing the quests. Firstly this will increase your XP and later on with the help of XP you can earn Perks and Skills. But the question arises here, how to complete the quests and where to get them? FOr getting quests, you need to talk to other characters of the game, do some tasks for them which they will be providing you, This will increase your XP, perks, and skills in the walking zombie 2 game. There are other methods as well but they are paid. This is the only free and non-paid way of completing quests and increasing XP, perks, skills, etc.

Always try to sell your unwanted items

You might get things that you probably won’t see any value for them. So regularly check your stock to see every one of the things that you have gotten. On the off chance that you have books, straight away read them as they increment abilities focuses for that specific expertise. You will likewise acquire scraps from zombies which can be sold at the Dealer for Silver Coins. You can likewise store your undesirable things in the storage compartment to save some space for your inventory or say your stock by assuming you need.

Make sure to claim your free rewards

Make certain to guarantee your free 10 Gold Coins from the Shop each 1 hour and watch a video promotion video or ads to get another 10 Gold Coins.

Wear your HP bar always

At the upper left half of the screen, you will see a red heart with a number on it. This is your HP bar. Your HP bar will be finished when you will be damaged by the zombies. You can utilize wellbeing things to reestablish your HP (bag-Inventory-Select the desired thing-Use). Fortunately, the game will stop for you when you are opening your Sack so you don’t need to stress over getting hit by zombies or by the other enemy.

Try to maintain distance with the zombies

In the walking zombie 2 game, where there are many zombies present and you are going to kill them then must remember and try to maintain the distance with them. Most of the time they will harm you when you are closer to them for any reason, either you are going to kill them and you are close to them, or by chance, they come closer to you.

Grenades will help you a lot to win

Grenades are exceptionally solid against a gigantic swarm of zombies or enemies. So use them to take them out in a split second. This will likewise save you a huge load of ammo. There is a way of getting free Grenades without buying them. When the mission begins, tap the man with the coat symbol on the right side and watch a short video advertisement. This will permit you to acquire 2-3 free grenades. You can likewise save those for managers as they can bargain huge loads of harm. On a side note, in the event that you have run out of ammo or your HP is underneath 40%, you can tap the same thing again and watch a short video ad to reestablish your HP or top off your ammo.

There are some of the skills, you must have

Each time you level up, you will acquire 5 ability focuses. You can utilize these focuses to step up specific abilities. Here is the rundown of the relative multitude of abilities that are recorded in this game. 

Firearms – Builds the harm of your firearms. This is the best point which you ought to need to recollect that Every expertise point expands your firearms harm by 1%. 

Speech – Gives you a choice to manage a few circumstances for exchange. Some discretionary decisions in exchanges require a specific worth of speech. 

Melee Weapons – Each and every expertise point expands your melee weapons harm by 1%. 

Critical Hit – Expands the shot at managing critical hits to foes. 

Defense – Diminishes harm taken from foes. Every ability point expands your defense by 1% of its base worth. 

Health – Expands max HP. Every expertise point builds your maximum HP by 1. 

Radiation Resistance – Diminishes harm taken from radiation. 

Driving – Diminishes Gas utilization of your vehicle while voyaging. 

Trading – Diminishes the cost of products at Brokers/Vendors. 

Furthermore, finally however not the least outdoorsman – Diminishes the shot indiscriminately experiences.

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